Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mark Evanier is Hilarious.

Mark Evanier is one of my favorite bloggers on the Net. First of all, he writes comic books. Second of all, he is a historian of voice over actors and always finds these great video nuggets of cartoons and commercials from the past, telling us who did all the voices. I love that.

But this morning, he linked to the Charles Nelson Reilly video below with this hysterical description:

On this blog, we've occasionally made mention of two friends — Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin. Jim and Steve live together and perform in musical theater and collaborated on a hit play about the relationship between two gay men who live together and perform in musical theater, and I don't want to leap to conclusions but I'm starting to get the faint suspicion that Jim and Steve might actually be gay. It's just a suspicion at this point.

Between them, Jim and Steve know every human being who has ever performed in a play or musical and shown the slightest bit of talent, They knew the late, already-missed Charles Nelson Reilly and back in 2000, when they went to dinner at his home, Steve took along his omnipresent video diary camera. Here's three minutes of that visit. It may give you a bit of an idea what C.N.R. was like. It might even cause you to suspect that he also was...well, never mind.

Bookmark his blog. You'll love it.
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