Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Video From The Olympian.

(Photo by Toni L. Bailey/ The Olympian)

I just got back to Houston and will write up a diary entry soon, but here is a link to the story about our experience in Olympia with the Lennon Piano and some video shot by the newspaper.

Imagine Peace Tour In Olympia video.

UPDATE: Gabi wrote about the event on her blog today. She begins:
Yesterday was a dream I will never wake from, and yet so real. I am grounded in love and community.

John Lennon's piano was on my lawn and in my dining room. You should have seen sweet wonderful Steve Schalchlin's hands dance on that piano, and heard him sing "Imagine", "Will It Always Be Like This?" and so many other songs, bringing the piano to life!

I wish John Lennon had been here, and yet I think everyone felt he was - in spirt. Steve was a channeler for John Lennon's energy through the music. Both of these amazing men have left their songs imprinted on my heart and my home.
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