Friday, May 18, 2007

The New Steve Store.

Those of you who read this blog by navigating to this page might have noticed that I have installed an MP3 store over on the right hand column. I put an assortment of the songs people have most requested for me to sing when I play out. But I've also been putting new MP3s of songs that have not made it onto CD. Most of them are demos of new songs I've been writing over the past several years, such as "Cool By Default," which is a MUST-HAVE, of course -- and I'll be adding more soon.

(If you use Internet Explorer to view this page, you will have to navigate over to my MySpace page to view the whole store.)

This is what the store looks like now:

My new songwriting partner, Amy Lynn, keeps giving me stacks of new lyrics every time I turn around, though they get Steve-ified once I get my claws into them. Collaboration is fun when you have such a good partner who will do what you tell them to do. :-) I make joke, of course, but there's a core of truth in there that I will talk about soon. Trouble is she's starting to get better at it than I am. Keeping up with Amy is gonna be my new challenge.

Notice also, in the store there is a virtual album called the "Bill Clayton Souvenir CD." At the Lennon Piano PEACE Tour event for Bill Clayton, I burned a bunch of CDs and handed them out to everyone as a souvenir. I received emails from people asking what I put on that CD and whether they could get one. Well, now you can. It's 10 songs for $8.99, a bargain! Longtime fans will probably have most, or some, of these cuts, so there's an option to get them individually.

The song of note on this CD is "Holy Dirt," which is now presented to you for the first time in MP3 form, though I made a video of it awhile ago. If you missed that, it's here:

The songs in this store are DRM-FREE. That is, NO copy protection. Once you buy them, you can transfer them onto any of your music-playing devices or computers. Enjoy!

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