Saturday, February 23, 2008

TLS Revivals

For those of you in the Denver area, The Last Session will be presented beginning in March at a theatre called "Theatre Off Broadway." Here's the link to their site. I'm very excited that two of the superb actors from the first Denver production will be in the show, including Jody Wells and Carla Kaiser Kotcr as Vicki. I've also gotten a sweet note from the boy playing Buddy. His name is Rob Riney.

Then, in May TLS will begin performances at the Spirit of Broadway Theatre in Norwich, Ct.

Jim and I had a great meeting with Kevin Wood, who is playing Gideon. He's a bit young, but man can he sing! It's ironic because Kevin, who's about 30, is still older than Jody Wells was when he played Gideon in Denver.

Kevin and I played around a bit with the music when he was here -- and he sang "Connected" better just sight reading than I ever did having written the thing. He's amazing. He'll be coming by more and I'll get video and pics.

I hear there's going to be another in Florida soon, but I don't have specific info yet.

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