Friday, February 15, 2008

The Tragic Murder of Lawrence King

It hasn't hit the major news outlets yet, but here on the local news, and reported on most of the gay blogs, is the tragic murder of Lawrence King, killed by a bullet to the head by fellow classmate aged 14. Though all the facts are not in yet, the police have determined it to be a hate crime.

Lawrence was an effeminate boy whose flamboyant demeanor disturbed the younger boy -- who took a gun to school and shot Lawrence. It's the reason so many of us have been pressing for educational programs in schools.

I wrote a letter for the group Families United Against Hate offering consolation and assistance to both families involved.

I'm encouraging readers of the Bonus Round blog to consider sending a donation to the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance in memory of Lawrence King. They sponsor after-school programs for GLBT youth. (Thanks to Joe.My.God. for this link).
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