Friday, July 10, 2009

13,000 Soldiers Dismissed from Service for...

...for nothing more than being gay. And the charge to end this abomination is being led by a conservative Democratic congressman and Iraqi war veteran.

Listen to his entire interview. Listen to his words.

What I can't figure out is who's against him. When he talks to other congresspersons, the only people objecting are the ones who are afraid that they'll be punished at the voting booth. All I can say is if this man from Pennsylvania has the courage to face his conservative constituency and tell them that this is a matter of national security, then the other members of congress should show a little backbone, too.

It's maddening how this policy has ruined both our ability to fight war and the individual lives of the men and women who serve.

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Linda Romanelli Leahy said...

Steve, we're in Cleveland and believe it or not there's no sound on Jenna's computer. I'll listen to the tape when I get home.

You're not reading my blog. I invoked your help a few days ago!