Friday, July 31, 2009

Jim and "Jim" On Both Coasts!

Today was a very cool day. We made the papers on both coasts.

The DC papers made the first announcement of Jim Brochu's Zero Hour at Theatre J, August 26. And the San Francisco Sentinel came out with the first announcement of Jim Schalchlin's "...And I Played John Lennon's Piano."

Yes, you read it right. Jim Schalchlin. Seán Martinfield, who wrote the blurb has always been a really big supporter of our work, so I know it was just a little typo, but I think it's kind of adorable.

The graphic for the concert is below the article, so readers will figure it out.

The main thing is that I want to help raise money for New Conservatory. It's a very tough time out there for theatres, and Ed Decker has always brought interesting and current gay-themed dramas and musicals. Right now, they have a chance to meet some matching grants, so every dollar donated gets multiplied.

Anyway, here is what's on the page today.

MONDAY- AUGUST 17th, 2009 - 7:30 pm
Jim Schalchlin’s“And I Played John Lennon’s Piano”
A Benefit Concert for the NCTC Challenge Campaign

Over the next 60 months, NCTC must match 2-to-1 a generous half-million dollar legacy gift from philanthropists James L. Coran and Walter Nelson-Rees. The Legacy Challenge Campaign goal is to raise one million dollars from individual donors and corporate matching gift programs by the end of August 2012. Steve Schalchlin is a “Best Musical” awards winner. His mantle includes the LA Ovation Award, GLAAD Media Award, and another from the NY Drama League. The evening will include his partner, phenomenal author and comedian Jim Brochu whose play about Zero Mostel, Zero Hour, is bound for New York. Click here for ticket information: And I Played John Lennon’s Piano


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