Monday, July 13, 2009


Last week, at the open mic, I got very tired about halfway through, and finally had to go in the back and lie down. It took me a couple of days to recover. Sometimes I drive my body too hard, and have to remember that no matter how "normal" I might feel from day to day, I'm not at full health and never will be unless someone finally finds a cure for this virus.

I don't play it out in real time here in the blog because it's difficult to determine, on a daily basis, what's actually going on. Happily, this was just a matter of taking on too much, and pushing myself too hard, both in my exercise routines and in writing.

I think a little credit has to go to Facebook, too, as I'm spending a great deal of time there, and sometimes I post a lot of things there, forgetting that I could also be posting stuff here. But there, it's mostly political items of interest, whereas I try to keep the blog to more personal things. Politics interests me, but in the long run, it's also mundane as something that sounds brilliant one day can sound really stupid upon reflection.

Tonight, however, I will be at the open mic. Not sure what song to sing. I've been preparing demos for "He's Coming Back" and a new song about rescue dogs, both of which we developed in the songwriter workshop. But something is telling me I should do something fierce, like "Somebody's Friend," from The Last Session. You know, just to scare the locals.

So, back to health, I've been doing very well with my exercise routines. For my own sanity, I do not test my blood every single day. It's too maddening. Like someone who's trying to lose weight who weighs themselves every half hour, it can drive you crazy.

However, I have a doc appt. coming up soon, so I'll start testing on a regular basis to see if my work has paid off.

Meanwhile, we're excited to be doing The Big Voice on July 25th and then my solo concert on Aug. 17. After that, we go to DC for Jimmy's opening of Zero Hour. I'm really thrilled about that because I've never spent that much extended time in our nation's capital. I will, of course, be dragging my camera around with us as we visit all the national monuments.
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