Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some Blog Love from Positoid.

Positoid Shawn Decker is showing Zero Hour a little blog love today about how we auction off the Zero Hour paintings for charity, and about our long mutual history as we pioneered blogging.

As I said, it's nerve-wracking to interrupt applause and then make a fund raising plea. I hate it when it's done to me. I really do. But, look, there was a time when Jim and I stood in line at the Food Bank at AIDS Project Los Angeles. It's not an easy thing to confess, but it's true. The disease destroyed our lives -- and we had to slowly rebuild "from nothing" from that point forward, one step at at time, just like Mitties is doing with her pneumonia.

But I needed help. I found help. I survived and thrived. And so I go up there. And we raise a little money that might make life easier for someone who's in desperate need or in pain.

Jim often will say that he's not an artist, but that he loves to paint. Whether the portraits are "art" or not is in the eye of the beholder. But as a piece of theater memorabilia, we thought they can be priceless to someone who was there and loved the show. I mean why throw something like that away?

Anyway, thanks, Shawn. And yes, we will have to do a new round of Hemo2Homo. Maybe it's time to do it video!
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