Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pics of New World Waking 2015 -- Union Temple of Brooklyn

New World Waking as a fundraiser for the temple!

Union Temple of Brooklyn.
Union Temple of Brooklyn.
Entering the historic sanctuary.
Stephen Wallem rehearsing.

Yes! Stephen Wallem is "Thor" on Nurse Jackie, Showtime series.
I saw him first when he was doing a stage show with co-star Edie Falco.
It was called "The Other Steve & Edie."
That is where I learned he had great singing chops.
Stephen Hanks produced the fund-raiser.
He has become a giant on the thriving cabaret scene in New York.
Julie Reyburn brings an earthy emotionalism when she sings.
Her kids are named Jude and Layla, if that tells you anything.
She's a star on the NY cabaret scene, also singing with the great Marquee Five.
(Forgive my photography. The lighting wasn't great.)
The whole company in their places. Julie Reyburn on mic.
Jim Brochu touchingly singing about Billy Tipton.
Cindy Marchionda and Lucia Spina.
"He's Coming Back."
Jacob Hoffman is amazing character man with leading man looks.
I use this word, specificity. He creates characters in front of your eyes.
And his voice is gorgeous, so I told him last night I was going to
write a musical for him just so I can listen to him sing all night.
"Franco Ate The Paperwork."
Julie Reyburn.
Cindy Marchionda is not only beautiful, but she sings with (again) specificity and emotion.
You can tell she is completely immersed in the song.
She's in my acting class and I'm in love with her.
Jeremy Abram has a deep, resonant voice and, like Jacob, great comic chops.
You can give him anything and he'll make it great.
He's from Slidell, Louisiana so I only call him "Slidell."
Marie Brea. I forgot to shoot her when she was singing the "Sanctus."
She has a trained operatic voice from heaven.
And now she's at Julliard, working really hard.
She and I are also in love. 
Here's Jeremy Abram again. He's glad he's not a zombie.
And yes, "Zombie Funk" went into New World Waking.
Don't ask.
Lucia Spina is a Broadway vet with a powerful set of pipes
and she finds Carolyn Wagner's huge, huge heart beneath a tough exterior in
"William's Song."
My Thanksgiving Prayer.
Julie, Lucia, Cindy.
There is a New World Waking.
Stephen Wallem, front.
Jacob Hoffman, Lucia Spina, Cindy Marchionda, Maria Brea, Jeremy Abram & Julie Reyburn.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Prove You Wrong (First draft)

This is the second song written for the "write and record an album in a month" challenge.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

I Will Fall (first draft)

I am unveiling the first draft of "I Will Fall," the first song I wrote on the guitar. I played other songs of mine on guitar, but this time I wrote the song on the guitar. It came -- if you want to know how songs are written -- when I was doing a self-imposed exercise to just get my fingers to play Dm and C (or, rather, the fingering positions for those chord, but up four frets).

And, the more I practiced, the more I started singing along, and before I knew it, I had a song. It's a first draft lyric, so I will no doubt be rewriting in the coming weeks, but I think it holds together really nicely.

But even more fun for me, playing the guitar gives me a new way to write music. The piano is great, but it has its limitations -- mostly in the rhythmic area. The guitar does things the piano can't do (and vice versa).

You'll also notice the mention of NaSoAlMo, which is the (Inter)National Solo Album Month challenge, which is the write AND record a new album this month. I love a deadline, so here I go. The first entry. 

Zombie Funk live with Guitar.