Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Yes! I made today's birthday list. I wonder how many of you, if it was awhile since we communicated, checked here first to see if I'm still alive?

I post! Therefore I am!

All is well. Tests are generally good. HIV undetectable. Bit too much fat in the blood (side effects of the meds) and I'm staying rigidly faithful to my multiple pill regimen.

Mentally, I'm still keeping my "University of Steve at New York" paradigm for my daily existence, seeking out mentors, giving service in order to create and build community. Always learning more, reaching harder in this most amazing Bonus Round -- but also keeping a quiet "just do the work" zen approach.

GYM 101: I'm having a bit of a kidney issue when I run, so I've taken to stair-climbing in our building while listening to Hardcore History podcasts. Because of my frozen shoulder, which is much better, I can't lift weight. So I climb. Up to 45, down to 1 and back up again. I miss running the streets of New York. But it's getting colder and perhaps this is all for the best.

GUITAR 101: This year, I taught myself guitar off of YouTube and immediately began writing songs with it. All I've ever wanted to be was John Fogerty. And Neil Young. You should see me in the bedroom.

VOICE 101: I sing in the St. Clement's church choir and write music.

COMPOSITION 101: Wrote the score for the Space Pirate Puppy Musical which opens on Saturday, so it's frantic right now. I have two different rehearsals today. (And it's so fun and exciting!)

LOVE 101: I have Jim and without him, I wouldn't be enjoying any of it.

I'm 63 with the body of a 73 year old and the mind of a eager first year student. I remember a time when I just wanted to get to the millennium.

I hope your life is great and that you appreciate every waking moment. I hope you checked in on me because you remember me fondly. Or because you liked my songs. This year was the 20 anniversary of The Last Session in Los Angeles, where my co-star was Chip Esten! (heart throb)

This next year, 2017, is the 20th anniversary of the New York production of The Last Session. I don't know what we're going to do -- people are talking about an all-star revival. I know I'm going to be around singing them.

Thanks for any part you might have played in my life. You're the reason I'm alive. I hope to continue to earn my keep.

Steve Schalchlin
Living in the Bonus Round