Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Barcelona Picture Book

Our trip this year began with a very long flight to Lisbon. We were so tired, we ended up staying aboard the ship instead of exploring Lisbon. But since we'd been there before, we didn't feel too guilty. Our next port was Barcelona. Again, we'd been there last year, so we didn't knock ourselves out trying to see everything, but instead, just walked up the main thoroughfare near the port.

There were lots of street performers.

As you can see, satan was smoking a cigarette while putting on his costume.

The guy sitting down reading is a real live person who didn't move a muscle. He had a little tip jar out in front. Lots of the performers in Barcelona do this kind of thing. I think it's really fun to see. His make-up is amazing.

The last place we found was this beautiful old plaza where we found some friends from the ship and then sat around just enjoying a cool beverage while the sun went down. It was beautiful.
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