Friday, May 05, 2006

Damn Those Triglycerides!

I had actually lost my beautiful and talented endocrinologist, Dr. Ruchi, when the clinic she was working for shuffled around and changed offices. So, I went for four or five months without seeing her. Finally caught up with her last month where she put me through a battery of tests and today we looked through the results to talk about what to do now. There was good news and not "bad" news, but things I needed to do to improve.

(Just before she came into the room, I looked over at my folder and read the report she made on my last visit. She described me as a "highly motivated patient" who she felt would follow through on instructions to exercise, etc. I liked that: highly motivated. I love reading my charts.)

The good news is my liver functions are great. My Graves disease is still in a kind of remission. The brain is still sending out hormones to boost production (so that level is high) but the T3 and T4 levels are normal, so it's doing its job. The problem is in the area of lipids and pancreas functions. So far, no pancreatitis, but I'm throwing off way too much protein (in my urine). We're going to double my blood pressure medication (which, in all this fury of information I forgot why -- it has something to do with relieving pressure on the pancreas or the kidneys or something) because I had 140/80. The 80 is okay but she wants the upper to be under 130.

Though my overall cholesterol is within normal range, my triglycerides are way back up to over 600 and since I'm already on Tricor for that, she said we could increase the dosage, but she would prefer that I get my ass back out on the street and do more exercising, which is what I've been slacking off on. (Off on? Is that English?). I hate exercising, and I had a great routine there for awhile, but I lost it. That's why things have gone a bit awry.

My blood sugar glocose level (A1c) one month ago was at 7.2 which is on the high side. So, this past month, she ordered me to get back into the exercise routine (which I did in dribs and drabs going out fast-walking every other morning). Today the level came back at 7.0. She was happy about that but said she'd love to see lower -- as close to 6.0 as possible.

I want to be a good patient. I really do. I want her to see me "highly motivated." I swear. And I am, but the truth is I'd love to just TAKE A BREAK from thinking about all this stuff everytime I sit down to a meal. I want butter and cream. I want chocolate cream pie.

But, alas, I have no chance for that kind of luxury. The Graves Disease affects the blood sugars which affects the lipids which affects the kidneys and pancreas which affect the liver which affectss... It's all related. Slack off on one thing and the other things fall like dominoes. So, it's back out onto the streets I go. And time to feed the cats. But what I really want is pie. Lots of rich, creamy chocolate cream pie, a substance I can never eat again for the rest of my life.

Well, maybe one little bite here and there. All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy, you know.
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