Friday, November 07, 2008

Prop 8, Gay Marriage & Mormons.

Left: A protest on the streets of L.A. last night in front of the Mormon temple.

The Mormons must be fabulously wealthy to be able to raise at spend 10 million dollars to interfere in other peoples' lives, as they did in convincing religious Californians to strip us of our right to marry.

I think back to the country church my daddy raised us in and how we scraped by on pennies from people working graveyards at the paper mill. But the Mormon Church has millions to throw away on TV ads. Dishonest and ugly ones at that.

I think it's good that the protesters have tried to focus media attention on this sensational waste of tax-deductible money, but I would also remind my allies that religions LOVE being persecuted. It makes them feel noble, that they are fighting God's Fight.

This is an attention-diverter. The only issue that matters is equal rights under the law.

I'm convinced that if they hadn't run those dishonest and "what about the children?" spate of ads, the people of California would have seen our HUMANITY and sided with us. And the issue would have faded into obscurity as everyone went about their own business.

Since when are human rights subject to the whim of the majority, anyway? The supreme court made the right decision that we are equal before the law. It's too bad that it was our only recourse, given the absolute hate being thrown at glbt persons by religionists over the centuries.

It's all the same. This is about hate and bigotry. It's about trying to find a way to make us disappear. We have disturbed the primal forces of the heterosexual elite society and the Mormons and Catholics and evangelicals are striking back by taking away a right to marriage.

If you had lived in California, you would have seen the most vile, dishonest ad campaign imaginable focused on trotting children out and making it seem as if this law would require school trips to a leather bar. (The operative line was, "They'll be teaching children about gay marriage.") Well, that's a little like saying you're going to teach them about air. Air exists. Gay people exist. And I have news for you, most kids already know we exist.

But hey, anti-gay religionists have a history. They've tortured us, thrown us in jail, banned us from literature and history, subjected us to electric shock, filled us with hormones and castrated us. It's something they're used to. They frequently cite how badly they want to go back to "the good ol' days" just like white racists wish they didn't have to look at all those "coloreds" on TV.

But we have tasted freedom and equality, the most basic and primal forces of nature. How long do you think they can stand there and pretend they aren't doing something very wrong?
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