Saturday, January 10, 2009

Condemned By The Catholic League!

I'm baaaack.

In short, I survived a hurricane that blew out three windows in three cabins, saw the single most astonishing natural wonder (which I never expected to see, nor was it ever described to me beforehand, which led to my beginning the writing of "The Antarctic Suite"), rode horses just outside Montevideo, and came home to a condemnation from the Catholic League -- and a review from a critic which said that "New World Waking" is "inappropriate for the holidays." You know, because it's filled with religion and politics and violence and depressing things. Maybe she's got a point, but I happen to think my songs are funny. I have stories to tell about this, too, by the way, involving a devout atheist and an even more devout rabbi.

(I'm thinking I want to go back to SF and do a solo show called "Inappropriate for the Holidays.")

I find it amazing that people are finding my work to be so scary to children and animals. And Catholic audiences love us! The Catholic League, if it's going to condemn a work, should try seeing it first rather than simply going by some blurb, not that I'm not flattered by the publicity.

So, I have lots to tell and lots to show.

P.S. I told all this to my friend, the infamous journalist/critic David Ehrenstein, who said, "Congratulations on your condemnation from the Catholic League. It's awards season and that's the Gay Oscar. "

I humbly accept this award.

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Bev Sykes said...

Jeez -- if the Catholic League is going to condemn you they should at least get their facts straight!

(Welcome home, kiddo!)