Friday, October 23, 2009

Song Swap Saturday NIght

I'm singing two songs tomorrow night, Saturday, down at Kulak's Woodshed here in North Hollywood, as part of a song swap. Instead of singing my own songs, I'm going to sing one song that was a great influence on me, and one song from one of the songwriters there at the Shed, Marc Platt, who I've talked about a lot.

The song is "The Revolution Starts Right Here," which you might remember from earlier this year when I made, for him, a video, which got a lot of notice at the time since we tied it into the how the Internet was changing and helping to fuel the Iranian "green revolution."

I'm also going to sing "Birds" by Neil Young. The simplicity of both the lyric and the chord structure drew me to the song back when it was just an album cut on his "After The Gold Rush" album. It's one of the songs that inspired me to be a songwriter.

1 comment:

Michael said...

I love "Birds" too. Such a beautiful song. I'd love to hear you sing it sometime.

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