Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh, and yes it's our 25th Anniversary.

You know, Jim and I don't take anniversaries and birthdays very seriously in terms of celebrations or parties or anything. This past week, we were so excited about his Drama Desk and having our little party for Charlotte, who has survived a recent cancer scare, that when Jim mentioned, in his thank yous for the award that it was our 25th anniversary, it kind of just slipped by.

The truth is that we value every single day, and though it's nice to have a marker to remind us how many years we've survived each other -- er, I mean -- survived together, an anniversary is no more exciting than any other day.

We have a joyous and happy life. We've been through hell and back. But we survive. And we absolutely enjoy each other every single day.

And that's the best kind of celebration of all.


Michael said...

Happy, happy anniversary to two of my favorite people from me and Gregory and Cosmo.

JH said...

Beautifully said. Happy Anniversary guys! We love you!!