Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Facts Backfire.

Great story today about how facts backfire in most people. That they don't come to their political (or religious) beliefs through a series of facts. People have beliefs.

This is why, as artists, we have to create peace and community and justice. People won't be swayed by someone doing a lecture.

I've been discussing a possible new, and very exciting, evolution for New World Waking.

Stay tuned.

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~ Sil in Corea said...

this is a very interesting article, Steve. Thanks for the link!!! It confirms my anecdotal evidence, i.e. my relatives run the gamut from liberal to conservative, and, if you engage one of the conservatives in logical dialog, they aren't so freaking flaky as their statements on Facebook sound. However, within 2 weeks, they are back on the soapbox, espousing some other conspiracy theory! [shakes head in disbelief] How an intelligent person can get so mired in misinformation, I do not know, but I lay it to his co-workers and church brethren. When you live in a noxious atmosphere, the smell rubs into you, eh?