Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ah, Rosemary!

Today, I finally stood up and cooked something for the first time in forever. Through all this stone passing, I had very little appetite, but was also in too much pain to stand and cook. Also, Jim was doting on me, so I didn't need to cook.

He took off for the Barrington Stage a couple of days ago and I just ate leftovers and soup until I could get some strength back. So, today, I felt stronger and decided to make something. I didn't have a recipe, so I just started throwing things together.

I like garlic, so I mashed a few cloves and sliced them thickly. Threw them in some olive oil until they were crackling a little and toasting. Then I put in four chicken breasts, salt, paprika, pepper, lemon and then let them cook.

That's when I remember I had purchased some fresh rosemary. (I'm getting so bold!) So, remembering how they did it on the cooking shows, I tore off some leaves and started sprinkling.

And oh! The smell was so divine!

After I let the breasts brown, almost done, I tossed in some mushrooms and broccoli, and the covered the pan until the broccoli was bright green.

Squeezed lemon over all of it, and sprinkled some ground Parmesan to give it a little glue.

And oh it was so delicious!

I could tell all day how weak I am by how weak my voice is when I speak. I was also helping a friend with some routine office work, and only lasted a little more than an hour before I was physically exhausted. So, I knew I had to really eat well.

Making this meal, really just off the top of my head, made me feel wonderful. Healthy and delicious, I have a feeling I'm going to feel stronger tomorrow.

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