Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Gift.

Being alone in New York on Valentine's Day is not something I gave much thought to. As I've mentioned before, Jim and I aren't that sentimental about dates, holidays, birthdays, etc. Not that we don't acknowledge them -- even if just on the morning they occur -- but this policy has kept us both of us out of trouble, and free from the last minute panic of trying to think of something.

So, it wasn't like I was feeling forlorn on this cold New York City night, as I stepped into the 2 train heading uptown to 96th, where you change to the 1, get off at 116th St., and walk four blocks north. Okay, maybe a little bit I was wishing Jimmy would be here to see and hear this, the Discover Opera! group from Manhattan School of Music singing a Valentine's Day cabaret.

And, BTW, it's ironic that on this night a heterosexual couple would be singing our personal love song from "The Big Voice: God or Merman?" because the press release was going out announcing Jim's participation in a benefit concert called "Broadway Backwards," where he'll be partnering with Harvey Evans, to sing a song made famous by women -- which is how "Broadway Backwards" works. Women sing men songs, or gay couples sing love duets from classic musicals.

Wouldn't a straight couple singing "How Do You Fall Back In Love?" qualify?

Well, it did for me this night.

A Valentine's Day concert where two young people would be singing a song I wrote for Jim. How much more romantic could life get?

And, btw, Brad Lassiter and Maren Clair Weinberger were INCREDIBLE this night. They sang magnificently. I should add that the rest of the cast were also spectacular. Mark Janas, the musical director, and Andy Gale, the director, really outdid themselves. Lucky, lucky kids to have such great professionals so early in their careers.

How do *I* get into Manhattan School of Music??

Entrance to Columbia University, near the Manhattan School of Music.

A quick chicken gyro before the show.
Steve with Maren Clair Weinberger (who sang the  "girl" part of "How Do You Fall?")
Steve with Brad Lassiter (who sang the "boy" part of "How Do You Fall?")

Steve with Matt Montana.
Steve with Rachael Hirsch.
 I would have taken more photos with the other cast members, but it was too dark at the restaurant for my camera. It doesn't have a flash.

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