Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Born For Broadway.

Steve Schalchlin, Tony Goldwyn.
When Jimmy told me that the benefit he would be doing last night would be hosted by Tony Goldwyn, I was, like, all in. I just think he's one of the most interesting actors alive. And he can sing! So, in the holding pen for all the performers after the show, I made Jim shoot this one. The tie I'm wearing is called an Endangered Species tie, and it was in a gift bag at another Christopher Reeve Foundation fundraiser Jim directed back in L.A. (There were a bunch of gift bags left over, so we went around taking the ties out of them.)

Christine Andreas, the great Broadway star, Jim Brochu, director Marcia Milgrim Dodge, and Sarah Galli,
who produces the evening in honor of her brother, who is quadriplegic. 
 Jim and Christine sang "I Remember It Well," with a few lyric changes to recall Chris and Dana Reeve. They're both gone now, sadly. Tony mentioned, in the prepared remarks, that when Chris and Dana began their foundation to study nerve damage to the spine, the field was all but empty. It was just assumed that there was no way to "fix" the spinal cord. But research has proven otherwise -- and their their foundation that has funded so much this research.

Members of the cast. Can you name them?
 Jim and Christine, btw, left not a dry eye in the house.

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