Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Tastes Better!" means "MORE SUGAR!"

As a diabetic, one of the few cereals I could enjoy was Special K Protein Plus. The sugar level was 2 grams. (I'm not supposed to eat anything above 3 grams). It was one of the few cereals featured on low carb websites. 

So, yesterday, I grabbed a box without looking at it.


When I got it home and started to open the box... I saw this little strip across the top: NOW TASTES EVEN BETTER!

I'll be truthful. I agree that it wasn't the best tasting cereal in the world. But if I needed it to be sweeter, it was easy to sprinkle on some Truvia or Splenda. Taste problem solved. And it didn't take much.

But as soon as I saw that NOW TASTES EVEN BETTER! banner, I knew I was in trouble. I looked at the side and, sure enough, sugar content: 7 grams. More than THREE TIMES the sugar as before. Which puts it completely out of my diet.

I hate these people.

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