Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jeff Kinman is in hospice.

Jeff Kinman on right as Buddy in "The Last Session." Scott A. Eckert, L. as Gideon
Uptown Players, Dallas. 2002.
I was just informed that Jeff Kinman, who played the role of Buddy in the highly-acclaimed and much beloved Dallas Uptown Players production of The Last Session, is in hospice. Apparently, he has been sick for some time but was being very private about it until now. Jeff is one of the best singers I'd ever heard. He was a gentle soul who's humanity filled his characterization of Buddy with innocence and strength paired with a heartrending fragility.

Jeff Kinman's version of "Going It Alone" from the Dallas cast album has been posted to Sound Cloud by Mark Lowry.

I would appreciate all the TLS Family raising a glass, a prayer and lots of light to Jeff and to his devoted partner, Adam C. Wright, and hold them in your hearts.

Adam C. Wright and Jeff Kinman
from Jeff's Facebook page.
Jeff Kinman in "Wild Party"


dfwmd said...

Thank you, Steve. A beautiful dedication!

DeeLee said...

No greater voice!!