Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blood Test Results.

Liver function, normal. Kidneys, normal. Cholesterol, normal. T-cells over 500 and holding steady. T-cell percentage at 24% (the highest it's been -- this is good). Triglycerides almost normal. Blood sugars under control. No kidney stones.

After delivering the good news, Dr. Tony said, "Ah, I'm good." And then polished his fingernails with a grin. 

After a year of much pain and worry, and after months on this new veggie diet, plus new HIV meds, it seems it's all working. Now I just need to rebuild body strength to prepare for my big moment at the World Domination Festival.

At one point, we were talking about being sick and I mentioned how I once had moluscums that were breaking out on my face and skin. He said, "You have to have an almost destroyed immune system when you're breaking out in those." He also said that, of all his patients, I've come from the longest way, healthwise, starting from when I was at the very bottom, back when I started this blog/diary. 

Speaking of Dr. Tony, he makes a quick appearance in the trailer I just made for this month's video diary. 

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