Saturday, May 04, 2013

One New Hell (the original).

I received a request through Facebook yesterday by a guy named Nick Pierce, had posted a youtube of "Save Me A Seat" on his wall.
Hi steve it was great finding you! I just had to post that song on my wall. I found it looking for one that was not in the Last session but was on a CD i got at a performance of Living In The Bonus Round before it transformed in The Last Session. I had the cd up until about 5 years ago and i have not been able to find the song. 
a line in the song goes..."I'm living one new hell after another...."
So, I went back through my folders, looking for "One New Hell" and was unable to find it. I thought it was on the Bonus Round Sessions CD, but it wasn't there. And then I remembered...

First of all, "One New Hell" was featured in "The Big Voice: God or Merman." But it was a rewrite of the earlier version, which is the one he was talking about -- which was featured on the very first CD I released called "Living in the Bonus Round with Steve S. and Friends."

Only 1000 copies of that CD were made and quickly sold or given away. It was a quickie I threw together even before the first NY production of The Last Session, using whatever demos I had lying around at the time. A few of those tracks were repackaged when I re-recorded most of the main songs, and added a bunch more, the CD that became The Bonus Round Sessions. (This is what you get when you are your own record label and everything is homemade -- stuff gets lost).

I looked everywhere for that version, and finally found it on the last pristine copy of that initial CD in the big bag of stuff that producer Carl White gave us last month. You can see it in the video diary from March 2013. I even mention in the video, when it popped up that I didn't have a copy of that CD.

And there it was. Wow! I had forgotten all about how blazing hot this performance is. I was all over that piano. It's a hard rocking song -- and the original lyric was based on an essay by a punk rocker named Billy Valentine in San Francisco about his time as a hustler/drug addict. I tried searching for him online, but to no avail.

Amy Coleman also recorded a version of this when we did the TLS-Souvenir CD featuring the L.A. cast, speaking of blazing hot.

I don't know why I left it off the repackaged Bonus Round Sessions. I guess I just thought it wasn't relevant to what was going on, or we had run out of space.

So, for you, reader, if you are interested here is a link to a download of the original ONE NEW HELL. Enjoy!

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