Monday, December 23, 2013

Funny how relevant The Last Session is, suddenly.

With this new London Cast Album being released, I hope it will bring new attention to the show itself because I would love for people to see how well Jim's book dealt with the very "religious divide" issues that are now reaching a kind of climax with the Duck Dynasty thing going on.

And how did he do it? With humor. But also with respect for people on both sides.

Recently, I played an AIDS education concert for The Lab School here in New York City, singing the songs from TLS for the dramatic club. They mentioned to me that next year they'd like to do a show for next year's program, and wondered about doing TLS. I said I've done it with student groups all over the country. So, we're talking. 

It's great because it gives me the chance to play Gideon. I'm too old for the role at this point in my life, but then, high school students are too young for the other parts. So, that makes us even. Doesn't it?

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