Saturday, May 28, 2022


This is a song about grieving based on a true story about a couple who lost their son. They love jigsaw puzzles and, after playing them, they disassemble them, date the box and then save them to play again five years later -- keeping the boxes in their son's old bedroom. Why? Because it helps them remember him and the times they played these puzzles together.

Given the events of this past week, where a number of children were needlessly slaughtered by an angry teen with legal, easy access to assault rifle weapons of war in Texas, it seemed only appropriate to release this early. 

All the photography, video editing, and music writing and production was by me. Thanks to Elio Pace and Gavin Gold, who gave me early feedback on the song and the production. This should be available on all sites that both stream and sell music soon. Remember to support independent artists by generously sharing the music you love, and if possible, to purchase the music as sites like Apple Music or Amazon. We do not have major label support so YOU are all we have. Thank you.

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