Friday, September 29, 2023

70th Birthday Present-TLS Littleton

I'm turning 70 next week and, with TLS-Littleton suddenly blooming in the mountains, I'm accepting it as the most perfect birthday present imaginable.
I'm getting excited all over again about The Last Session songs and score. They're asking me questions.
Like I know anything.
The true birthday Gift is the idea that a new generation of producers and performers have rediscovered our show, one that never had the visibility of its cross-town sister, Rent.
This cast has seen a lot of life. They have lived through things none of us know about. That's what will be on that stage, and it's thrilling.

They will channel all that lived experience into the raw emotions of the songs of TLS.
They're tearing into it with jam sessions -- and I gave them the freedom to play with it and make it their own, within logical boundaries, of course.
There's a wonderful experiment called "Take it too far." Where you get a totally crazy idea or an approach and you give yourself permission, at least one time, to go way too far with it.
Sometimes you can't go far enough. If you don't punch the boundary, you can't find the boundary. We live and breathe within those boundaries, so we better be punching hard -- but then, easing back.

Truths don't need a lot of drama.

Real Truth, when you find it, is dead simple.

I want to see who these actors are through the words and feelings of our beloved Gideon, Tryshia, Vickie, Buddy and Jim.

It makes sense that they would find The Last Session now. It's a good piece and simple to produce.

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