Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coming onto the Phelps

Anyone who keeps up with anti-gay religio-nuts knows who the Phelps clan is from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. This video is from an Australian comedian pretending to be a reporter who starts interviewing one of of the Phelps' men -- but then suddenly starts coming onto him, telling him how lovely his voice is and how firm his buttocks are. Watching the Klan -- er, clan, none of whom seem to have ever developed a sense of humor, circle around their guy to protect him from the "pervert" reporter is wickedly funny if you enjoy ridicule. Oh, and I do.

The guy being interviewed is the crazy husband of the wacked out woman who recently was on Fox News being yelled at by the Fox reporter, one of the more famous viral videos that made the rounds this past year -- you know, where Fox News pretends to be "fair and balanced" by going after only the most obvious psychotic reliopath.

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