Thursday, July 13, 2006

LA Times Raves about Zero Hour

For all the kind words said about "Zero Hour," the one review we wait on pins and needles for is the one from the LA Times. And it's a rave! Can I just say how relieved we are, and happy!!??
By F. Kathleen Foley, Special to The Times:
Presented by the West Coast Jewish Theatre and directed by Paul Kreppel, "Hour" captures Mostel's rich contradictions in a loving but unvarnished homage as entertaining as the man himself.
Brochu seems almost fatefully destined to play Mostel, not only because he knew Mostel and can bring a deeply personal perspective to his portrayal, but because he is an almost uncanny physical match for his subject.
She thinks that it occasionally gets a bit worshipful and, like the other reviewers, feels his rendition of "If I Were A Rich Man" is out of place, but then she continues...
But that's minor in light of Brochu's otherwise fine writing, which highlights the central events of Mostel's life — including his McCarthy-era blacklisting and his recovery from a devastating bus accident — without ever-belaboring chronology. In a subtly bombastic turn, Brochu reintroduces us to the funny, fantastically contrary Mostel. In all his biting intelligence and imperfection, he has been sorely missed.
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