Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jimmy's Dress Rehearsal

Last night, July 4th, while fireworks were going on all around us (illegally) in downtown Hollywood, Jim was performing his dress rehearsal for "Zero Hour" for a very small invited audience. It would be his first time to actually run the entire play from beginning to end. The set is up but not finished. Some pieces are missing and it hasn't been painted yet. There is a sound cue or two missing, but it didn't seem to matter to the few of us sitting there, totally mesmorized by his performance.

When he first turned into the spotlight, the audience gasped at how much he looked like Zero -- how he was able to utterly transform himself.

I took these shots during the show. (All photos are clickable).

Earlier, as they were getting ready, I caught this shot of tech director, Danny, who also has some dialogue in the show (from the booth):

While they worked, I decided to walk around the area a bit and show you what's in the neighborhood. The show is at the Egyptian Arena Theatre, which is situated just behind Graumann's Egyptian. (You've heard of Graumann's Chinese? Same guy). This is the spectular walkway of the Egyptian, which has been fully restored to its glory days.Back over on Las Palmas, just behind the Egyptian is the marqee for the Egyptian Arena. Not quite as glamorous, but still, it's the Egyptian!

Right down from there, on Las Palmas, is the First Baptist Church. Who knew Hollywood has a First Baptist Church?

Right across the street is a very trendy nightclub called "e". You can tell it's trendy because it uses a little "e" and the logo has the "e" in a box in the lower right hand corner. (Please try to keep up. These details are important.)

Next to "e" is Micelli's, a landmark Italian restaurant.

And right around the corner, there on Hollywood Blvd. is the star for Thomas Edison, the guy who invented all this movie stuff (and who famously said there would be no use for it).

Walking up the block we see a museum of Guiness world records.
Look right and there's the famous red ribbon on the Hollywood United Methodist Church.

This is the corner of Hollywood and Highland. I'll take more photos of this later. But just a few steps down is the Kodak Theatre where they do the Academy Awards.

Across the street is a landmark you'll see in a lot of movies, the famous "Souvenirs of Hollywood."

Across from there, looking south, I saw Kirstie Alley eating this building. It's always fun to see celebrities in Hollywood.

The Wax Museum is on the north side of Hollywood Blvd. as we make our way back to Las Palmas.There, we see Jack Black and King Kong in the lobby. I wonder if they running from Kirstie Alley?

T-Shirts! 5 for $10. If you get one in XL, it will be baby sized after one washing.

Turning back down into the Egyptian, there was a bandstand set up for a July 4th party and who did I run into? Songwriter and performer Stephen Bishop!
After the show, I caught actor Paul Ainsley who came with our friend John Sala. Paul and Jim were on an episode of "Wings" together:

And last, but not remotely least, is Herb Isaacs, the man who made all this possible. He's the artistic director of the West Coast Jewish Theatre.Zero Hour begins formal previews tonight and then opens on Friday night.
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