Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mark Evanier Reviews Jim as Zero

In his blog this morning, writer Mark Evanier reviews Jim's performance as Zero Mostel, beginning his write-up with a confession that it can be dangerous to have to review a friend in a play because if it stinks, you might have to use one of the non-committal "You should have been out front!" comments -- or, as someone once called it, "Green Room Perjury." But, Mark writes:
Fortunately, I needed no such dodges last night when I saw my pal Jim Brochu in his new one-man play, Zero Hour. Jim knew the late, great Zero Mostel and has now managed to magically — don't ask me how — turn himself into the guy...

During the two-or-so hours Zero discusses his life, his capricious stardom, the tragedy of blacklisting, the near-tragedy of a bus accident that almost cost him his leg, his marriage, his fatherhood, his major roles, his painting and most of all, his anger. The play is at times very, very funny and — at times — very, very sad. Best of all, Jim captures the basic absurdity of the way the man thought, rambling from topic to topic, going from non sequitur to non sequitur and having them somehow flow logically from one to the next. It's probably as close as you could ever come to spending time with the genuine article...

Should you be in or around Hollywood through mid-August, I suggest you go.
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