Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creating a New Show.

So, now that I know I'm going to Olympia, it's time to create a new show. This time using songs from TLS, TBV and NWW. I also thought I'd throw in some random bits of songs not in those shows, such as a few of the cabaret type songs I wrote with Amy Shapiro (for our long-gestating New York show) and maybe a love song or two here and there.

I thought I'd use act one for TLS and TBV, framing the songs with the story of creating this blog back in 1996, meeting Gabi Clayton, and ending act one with how helping her put Bill's Story online led to playing John Lennon's piano.

Then, because NWW was created out of that event, I would use act two to sing some of those songs and then finish with, perhaps, some of the newer songs.

So, the question is, for those of you who know my material, what songs would you expect and want to hear if you came to a solo concert?
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