Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Florida with Jim.

Ugh. Red-eye flights.

Ugh. Trying to get to Ft. Lauderdale from L.A.

No direct flights. So, finding the cheapest flight possible, we booked Northwest Airlines leaving 10pm arriving in Detroit (DETROIT??) at 5am, leaving at 8am, arriving Ft. Lauderdale... whenever.

Both flights were packed to the gills and I think they've moved the rows closer together. Sitting next to, and around, me was a family from Mexico, complete with baby. But, happily, the kid was so cute and so happy, it made the flight much more endurable. (I love happy babies).

Still, it was very uncomfortable. I managed to doze off a couple of times, but I decided that by the time I got to Florida, I was never going to let Jim live this down.

In Detroit, though it was really early, there was a breakfast place open, so I got some food and then waited around for the next flight. Also packed. Also uncomfortable. But just seeing Jim was reward enough. All was forgiven. (He met me at the airport with a sign that read "Schalchlibromawitz."

The housing here at the theatre is comfortable. Next door is the cast to "Sugar," which is playing on the stage next to Jim's. I'm looking forward to meeting the kids in the show, most of whom are from New York.

So, all is well. I was exhausted, so I slept all day.

Next week, we'll do The Big Voice. Now, how do I reach all the gay folks here to get them to the show?
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