Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Florida. April 1st. The Fools Go On Stage!

Jim has been doing "Zero" down in Florida at the Broward County Stage Door Theatre. I've been here, taking care of the cat and focusing on personal stuff. But the theatres down there are hurting. Theatres everywhere are hurting.

So, we offered to do a one night only performance of "The Big Voice" since I was planning on going down there anyway. Hopefully, someone in the Ft. Lauderdale area will have heard of us and it will sell a ticket or two. And it will be fun to be doing the show again.

With him focused on "Zero," it makes it increasingly hard for us to find these opportunities. Happily, "Big Voice" is "recession friendly." All we need are two chairs, a table, a keyboard and a mirror ball.

After doing the show again in Indio (for a healthy group of seniors, none of whom had heard of us but liked us anyway), I was reminded how healthy it is for me be performing. Last night, at the open mic, grabbed Lisa Turner (who has one of the most mesmerizing voices you'll ever hear in person) and had her harmonize with me on a new song, adding John Cartwright on bass.

I am stupid with this blog because I didn't advertise this in advance. The truth is that it all came together so quickly, I didn't even think of it.

But except for the next two weeks, where I'll be in Florida, you can almost always catch me at the open mic.
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