Monday, April 06, 2009

Jim Wins Best Actor Carbonell.

When Jim got to Coral Springs six weeks ago, he had no idea he was even nominated.

The 33rd Carbonell Awards are a formal affair and encompass live theatre in the south Florida area.

"Zero Hour" played here at the Broward Stage Door Theatre last year, but it wasn't a local production so he didn't really give it any thought when he wasn't mentioned in the nominations for the past year.

Then, a call this past Friday. He's been nominated for Best Actor in a Play in the category of Roadshow, meaning not a local production. The big traveling companies from Broadway are in this category. Their practice is not to announce the nominees in this category.

There were no guarantees that he'd win. And since I'm flying home early tomorrow, we hadn't planned on going out. (He's staying for a couple more weeks to direct "The Odd Couple," a last minute offer from the Stage Door).

So, we went.

And he won. So did Judy Kaye in the same category, doing "Sweeney Todd."

And I'm still packing. But I wanted to announce the news. It was really nice. He also gave a very good speech.
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