Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tracey: Before the Bonus Round

Long before this blog was called "Living in the Bonus Round," it was a tiny little site on GeoCities called "Steve Schalchlin's Survival Site" and it had a graphic with a mug of beer. Over the mug of beer was a thought balloon. It was one of the first Internet diaries, so the whole concept of people becoming friends with strangers was foreign. And one of the first persons I met was a 24 year old mother of one named Tracey.

She tells the story of how we met and how it all changed her. What she did for me was to give me my first big University AIDS education concert gig.

Tracey's a great storyteller, so I'll just let her do the talking. Meanwhile, my side of the story (from the original diary entry describing my trip to Virginia) is here:

Steve Schalchlin, October 1996
Old Dominion University
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