Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Torture Debate

From Scott Horton at Harper's:
[The United States'] conduct is sending a clear message around the world: the prohibition on torture is a trivial matter which can be defeated by a tyrant in any corner of the world. All he needs to do is hire a lawyer and have him issue an opinion that when he tortures, it’s completely lawful.
In two weeks, I'm going to be singing a concert. Much of the music I've written this past year is about peace and war and violence.

The people I'm singing for in Olympia in a couple of weeks are people who have joined together to support each other. Many of their own children have been subjected to hate speech and violence in their schools.

Here I am singing "Imagine" back there in Olympia in 1997.

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For my birthday, also St. Francis of Assisi Day,

here is "Rescue" the song I sang to Erika Amato 's Buddy the dog. Imagine if we loved humans as much as we love our animals...