Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Personal Catch-Up.

First of all, my health. I'm on a deadline. A week from Friday I will be meeting with Dr. Ruchi for testing of my blood sugars. Specifically, the A1c, which this last time was way up over 8.

Part of my frustration was finding a good exercise I could do which would be easy on my poor little nerve-damaged feet. Then, the other day, I was was idly standing by the spiral staircase (which lends glamor to our small apartment) watching the tube when I did a little deep knee bend, holding onto the iron railing.

And it felt really good. So I carefully, because I'm out of shape, began doing more squats. And by the end of about 20 minutes, I was really breathing heavily. So not only is this good for my legs, but if I'm very steady and careful, it also acts as an aerobic exercise.

The next day, of course, I could barely walk.

You might recall a video I made down at Kulak's not long ago with Jake Wesley Stewart singing back-up. We finally got back together again on Monday just to sing and hang out. Then, Monday night, we went down to the open mic at Kulak's and sang together. I sang "My Rising Up" with him on harmony. Then he sang "My Thanksgiving Prayer" with me on harmony. It was great -- especially when he forgot the words. (Har har har).

Jake Wesley Stewart.

Those last two pics were taken in front of Kulak's.

Tuesday night, he joined me at a rehearsal for the Songs4Earth concert (coming May 25).

There were 8 of us all singing and playing together. It was so much fun. After joining in on a couple their songs, we all decided to try to play the Antarctic Suite: Landscape. Scary because I've never played it with anyone nor have I tried to teach to anyone.

I hadn't realized how complex the rhythms are. So, it took a few tries, but eventually it started to cook very nicely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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