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The Torture Debate

Food Engineered to Make You Want More Junk.

New Vatican Documents! A Lisbon Papacy! Hitler!

RIP: Bea Arthur, 86

It's All About the Food We Eat: Food Inc.


When Internet Becomes Flesh and Dies.

Results of doctor visit.

Hosting Wendy Waldman / Refugees tonight.

How Many More Deaths from School Bullying?

American Idol. My First Post on It This Year.

TLS Live?

SFGMC with Joan Baez on May 21.

Amazing Frozen Moment: Cop Fighting Clowns.

Steinbeck Purring.

Earth Day Birth Day Ice.

Facebook Etiquette for Everyone!

Mother Nature

I Felt Strong Last Night on Camera 3.

The Two Jennifers Sing "And I'm Telling You"

Frank Rich on the Non-Event of Same Sex Marriage.

Brooklyn Tales of an Italian-American Mom.

Getting An Audience.

National Day of Silence

Hosting for Arnold

Rick Warren's Employee Involved in Wikipedia War to Rewrite History.

Alive in Olympia!

Quick Personal Catch-Up.

The Great Easter/Passover Breakfast with Michael

I'm Now A TV Host.

Wow! A Republican Vet Destroys Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. on Torture

Video of Jim Accepting the Carbonell Award.

Photos of Jim Accepting The Carbonell Award.

Jim Wins Best Actor Carbonell.

Amazing Race's Mel White & Mike to be on Fresh Air

Read This Book: What Is The What.

Jim's Groupies.

Tracey: Before the Bonus Round

A Note for Christian Readers.

Special Appearance April 25th in L.A.

Personal Appearances.

Jackie Gleason's Widow, Marilyn.

Michelle Obama. A Class Act.