Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just as good as straight people??? SHOCKING!

One of my favorite news blogs, ExGay Watch, which is very fair to the exgays and Exodus International (even though they hate being held accountable for their words and deeds, though they seem to think everyone else should be), notes this morning that Exodus President Alan Chambers said this, about a new ad campaign by gay groups promoting civil equality in marriage, "“I think their long-term goal is to portray themselves as equals, as people who are the same as heterosexuals...”

Yes, Alan. I think I am equal to straight people. Yes, Alan. I think my 21-year relationship with Jim is just as good as, totally equal to, your marriage. I know you people worship at the altar of heterosexuality -- and god knows I love my heterosexual friends -- but my true friends, the ones that actually love me, are more interested in making sure Jimmy and I have a secure home than getting a paycheck from a right wing Christianist relgiopath like James Dobson.

SHOCKING! OUTRAGEOUS! IMAGINE SUCH A THING! THAT I WOULD DARE TO IMAGINE MYSELF TO BE JUST AS GOOD AS ANY STRAIGHT PERSON?? Watch this video below. Imagine this being you, Alan Chambers. No, don't. What would be the point? If you did the right thing, you wouldn't have a job anymore, would you?


Peterson Toscano said...

Steve, incredibly well said. Thank you for your consistent witness and example.

Lynette said...

i wish that video were showing in prime time in every city, every day, every night . . . i think it would have an impact. nice post.