Sunday, December 14, 2008

"William's Song" in rehearsal.

Look! I finally figured out how to render and then upload something in wide screen! Now I wish I could go back and replace all my videos to make them look like this.

I also found Blogger Busters and learned how to widen this column by altering the java code so that it would fit. I feel so geeky this week.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of song I enjoyed so much to sing with the chorus (the other: thanksgiving prayer). Thanks for writing such a beautiful song, Steve!!!
I will always remember this moment. Not only the beauty of the songs, but also this might be my last chance singing with gay men chorus in the US. Being grow up as a moslem, singing with gay men chorus was something you will never imagine. Well, my asylum case will be held in Nov 2009. Hopefully after that, I will still be able to sing, here in the US, with my brothers. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful & meaningful compositions.