Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Inner Geek Will Be Watching Watchmen.

I have tickets to tomorrow's first matinee of the greatly anticipated movie version of WATCHMEN, possibly the greatest graphic novel ever written. The author of said book has renounced all association with the film because of how they murdered his other books, "League of Extraordinary Gentelmen," "V For Vendetta," and... well, trust me. They murdered them.

Early reviews for WATCHMEN have been all the way from absolute hate to complete and total embrace. (Roger Ebert loved it!).

So, who knows? But I'm gonna be there. Front and center.


Anonymous said...

Me too! Can't wait! -Maddy

Anonymous said...

He didn't like "V for Vendetta"? WHY? That was one of my favorite films that year - I thought they did a great job - I actually tried reading the graphic novel and didn't like it - although I did like his comments on the inside cover.

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