Sunday, July 24, 2011


I took a few pics of the theater where Jim is doing Sound of Music. It's a restored movie palace called the Benedum Center and the inside is stunning.

My camera couldn't really get the details on this spectacular chandelier.

We take a little shuttle from the corporate apts. where the cast is housed and though I walked all around yesterday afternoon I had forgotten my camera, so I'll get better shots today, but what a beautiful city this is. It sits on a promontory on the Allegheny river and there are many bridges, all painted yellow leading into the downtown area.

Sadly, there are also a lot of closed stores. You can tell it needs an economic lift.

I also noticed that there do seem to be a lot of shirtless young men walking around with the pants on the ground. And I mean not just showing a glimpse of brief, but actually showing their entire underwear-covered butts, and waddling like ducks. We get some of that in New York, but I don't even know why they bother wearing jeans here.

I'll take a lot more pics today.

The show is terrific. What a cast! And it's fun seeing Jim in a big show with a full orchestra. I'm so used to seeing him alone on stage with Zero, or with me doing Big Voice, I forgot he can do all that big stuff.

And he does love singing to a big orchestra!


Yolanda Garza said...

Love the pictures and your comments. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Saw it last night. Great production and Jim was terrific to the Max!

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