Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick Update.

Had a great recording session with Peter Link this past Sunday. He has so much experience as a producer and as an engineer, it feels safe to be in his hands. We did lead vocals on "Every Day A New Amen."

The song has morphed a bit since its inception. After I performed it a few times, both at Christ Church Bay Ridge and at the Mark Janas Salon, I finally began making a demo using my rather crude set-up here. It occurred to me that it was too long and needed a section removed.

The patient is fragile, you know.

Songwriting is like a balancing act. An listener today gets bored within five seconds. I don't really like to talk about the process of songwriter that much. Most people find it boring. And, also, who am I to tell anyone how to the write a song? The song you loved the most while writing turns into the song you can't believe you were ever talentless enough to write.

Speaking of fragile, singing a vocal in a booth scares a lot of people.

Singing is emotion. Music is liquid emotion. If you're scared when you sing, then it will sound scared on playback.

And while I can play around making demos on my $100 mic, getting behind a mic that cost thousands of dollars is a whole 'nother game.

But we made it through without any battle wounds.

Got blood tests back. My cholesterol is down in the normal range. (Victory!) And triglycerides are getting better and better, almost in normal range, which is a miracle!

However, my vitamin D levels are very low. My doc said it was a new side effect they're discovering about Sustiva. He said, "I hate giving you yet another pill, but we need to get that back up."

Weirdly, since then, I keep seeing articles about vitamin D deficiencies.

CD4 count was down a bit -- 340 -- but the percentage was up to 28%, which is almost in the normal range. (The CD4 count goes up and down a lot, even in one day).

My blood sugar A1C count was down to 7 from 9. This means it's headed in the right direction. Still too high, but getting better.

And that's about it. Good news, for the most part!

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