Friday, December 15, 2006

Max & Donna Visit Big Voice

Steve Schalchlin, Donna McKechnie, Maxwell Caulfield, Jim Brochu at THE BIG VOICE: GOD OR MERMAN?Thursday night, we had a couple of celebs in the audience. Maxwell Caulfield (who is, really, the nicest human being on the planet) and Donna McKechnie (who was in the original production of "A Chorus Line" on Broadway and who has a new book out right now).


Anonymous said...

OMG, Maxwell Caulfield!!!!! He was the lead in one of my favorite movies, Grease 2!!! I've probably watched that thing 100 times.

I hope you gave him a smooch for me. ;)


Steve Schalchlin said...

Well, of COURSE I gave him a smooch. He didn't care for the French kiss part but I didn't care.