Saturday, September 22, 2007

In Memory of Jeff Pierce.

Jim and I had the privilege of meeting Jeff Pierce when we were in Houston earlier this year. Jeff was the longtime husband/spouse to J.D. Doyle, who has, for years, kept up an archive of GLBT performers -- and who has a radio show that is available over the Net. Jeff, an intensely spiritual man, was one of the kindest and most loving persons I've ever met. Unfortunately, he died this August of cancer. I wasn't aware of his passing until J.D. called me this morning to deliver the news and to tell me that he had put a tribute page to Jeff on his site.

Jeff & J.D.

J.D. is one of the nicest persons I know. I send him my most ardent sympathy for his (our) loss. And thank you, J.D., for the personal message you gave me this morning involving "When You Care." I'm honored that the song means so very much to you.

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