Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Rational Voice Among The Hatemongers.

The always wonderful Jim Burroway attended the hateful and mean-spirited "Family Impact Summit" in Tampa, Florida where the obsession with gay-bashing reached a fever pitch over the weekend. But as all these so-called "Christians" congratulated themselves over their smarmy and uninformed opinions of gay and lesbian people, Jim said one, small rational voice stood up to ask a simple question of the panel of self-described experts on homosexuality. One that stumped the panel and left them speechless.

Go here to read about the moment and learn how a calm, respectful and reasonable voice can override and trump the loud and angry every single time.

It's a lesson I continually need to learn. If you don't have Jim's Box Turtle Bulletin bookmarked, do so today. His peaceful and calm voice, along with his exhaustively researched entries, are a lesson for all of us no matter which side of this debate you fall on.

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