Friday, October 05, 2007

Split The Kids Up!

In Utah, a drug-addicted mother with four children ranging in ages from 10 months to 11 years old has opted to let her children be raised in a loving home headed by her uncle. Even though he's already raising two children, he took them in and gave them a home.

Enter the state, which wants to take the kids out of this home, separate them so that they never see each other again, and throw them into the state foster parent system. Why?

Because that uncle is gay and is in a longterm stable relationship of five years with his partner. According to Utah law, you have to be married to adopt or be a foster parent. The couple would love to marry, but it's ILLEGAL. Why? Because only heterosexuals get the "special privilege" of marriage. Both men are native to Utah, have no criminal record and have excellent work records.

But that's not good enough in Utah. You have to be straight.

h/t: Dan Savage

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