Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back Again.

I've come home from the land of the pyramids. It was an eye-opening, and possibly profound, for me, journey. But in a quiet way.

(I accompanied Jim on a trip involving his performing Zero Hour aboard ship.)

It's one thing to talk about world politics. It's quite another to go look at things in the flesh. The history. The art. The way the people live now.

The tour guide, a dark-eyed beautiful woman, said, at the Egyptian Museum said that Egyptian monotheism was created by a Pharoah (Akhnaton?) as a power play against the priest elite. (Why go to the gods through all these dressed up, politically powerful and usually corrupt men when you can bypass them entirely and just declare that there's only one God and that he speaks to you directly?)

(Sounds very Church of England, doesn't it?)

And right there before us was his coffin with the painted image of him on it. I think there were also statues of him, but I couldn't concentrate on everything at once. Damn them for not allowing video cameras. There was so much history. Too much. All I could do was run in, look at something and then move onto the next thing.

I'll update the blog, soon, but first I want to collect my thoughts and reacquaint myself with my cat.

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JoyZeeBoy said...

Welcome Home! It sounds like you and Jim had a good time.

We missed you around here.